Antibacterial effects  


When the photocatalyst is exposed to ultraviolet rays, which derives from sunlight or a fluorescent light, OH radicals are released along with their storong oxidation properties. OH radicals prevent bacteria and molds and viral growth by destroying the DNA spiral of the microorganism thereby making them inactivate.Recent studies show that such microorganisms can be inactivated once with exposure to UV light, but they can be also by re-activated by re-exposure to other visible rays (light recovery).
The Photocatalytic Bacteria & Odor Eliminator (A.D.J.) was developed to be a handy piece of equipment that focuses on deodorizing smells and eliminating bacteria that is caused by body waste, first utilized with care in nursing homes for the elderly.

In recent years, the number of individuals reaching advanced aged keeps increasing, making this an aging society. According to evaluation tests, the results of antibacterial cleansing have been so obvious that the impact of this type of equipment makes it clearly practical.

Secondary pollution of filters  


There are various filter materials used to catch everything from coarse dust (rough filters) to bacteria (high performance filters and super-high performance filters). So, there are various ways to utilize these filters as in the clean room of a factory plant or in air-conditioning units of hospitals and other buildings. If the biological conditions for the growth of microorganism are matched inside filters, then the microorganism propagates inside of those filters. As time goes by, they come out of the outer flow of the filters and are then scattered all over the room. As a result of such observations, it is now known that a problem from secondary pollution has arise microorganisms escaping filters.

Also it has been found that people living together, as in nursing homes, can all be infected with Tubercular or Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus( MRSA), and in some cases death has been reported.
We consider it important not to rely solely on the physical body for filtering. By destroying the microorganisms themselves, this could bring about the solution for the secondary problem of pollution from filters.

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