Corporate Profile
Company name
Photocatalytic Materials Incorporated
Head office location
400 Iwasaki, Komaki City, Aichi-Pref.
Tel +81-568-41-3893
Fax +81-568-72-8318
The same as the head office
Representative Director :
Shigekazu Kato
Number of member
4 people
Financial institutions
UFJ bank
16 Bank
National Life Finance Coporation
Small Business Finance Corporation
Business contents
Production and sales of Photocatalytic products
Photocatalytic coating and processing
Business partoners
Yutakakougyou Co.,Ltd
Ozawa Science Co.,Ltd
Fuji Engineering Co.,Ltd

Marukatsuseitosho Co.,Ltd

Prossession equipment
Ion chromatography
Gas chromatography


Company Histry
November, 1990
Kato Manufacturing Co.,Ltd received tecnical guidance on Application of Photocatalyst from the Govermment industrial Research Institute of Nagoya
June, 1995
Recognized as a govermment-private sector joint reseach project, started work on Application of Photocatalyst to advanced waste water treatment, in association with the Govermment Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya and NGK Insulators,Ltd.
February. 1996
Development of Photocatalystic glass in 1995 received Technology Award from the Nagai Science and Tecnology Foundation.
October. 1996
Photocatalystic glass received Chubu New Business Award.
May, 1998
Photocatalyst section was separeted from Kato Manufacturing Co.,Ltd and Photocatalytic Materials Inc.was esrtablished as an independent company.
June, 1998
Approved by Aichi Prefecture as a company under the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Creative Activity Promotion Law.
March, 1999
Adopted by Japan Small Business Corporation as 1998 research and study project.
March, 2000
Approved as the receipient of the Fund for Tokai New Frontier Enterprise Development.
April, 2000
Established technical tie-up with Photo & Environmental Tecnology Co.,Ltd. of Korea. instructed photocatalytic technology in Korea.
May, 2001
Became Chairman of Society of Industrial Technology for photocatalytic Articles.
June, 2002
Approved as the receipient of the NEDO fund for welfare equipment application development


Recent years the water contaminotion by life drainage and industrial darainage and the air pollution by the exhaust gas of automobile and the health damage by the resistant bacteria,mold etc. such as MRSA go on to a familiar place and be a social problem.
There upon, I paid attention to the semiconductor photocatalyst that decompose the organic compound just by hitting light.
In collaboration with National Industrial Reserach Institute of Nagoya, I've been studying and developing since 1990. Many problems were cleared one by one.Iwasable to succeed in the development of the photocatalyst thin coating film that has high performance in 1994. Saling of photocataltic products that is applied this technology started and this point photocatalytic materials section of Kato Manufacturing Co.,Ltd became KMC Photocatalyst section. And Photocatalyst section was separated from Kato Manufacturing Co.,Ltd and Photocatalytic Materials Inc. was established as an independent company.
I intend to keep doing study and development of the water treatment and the air purification and anti bacteria, the solar cell for the earth and familiar environment.
I would appreciate more understanding and cooperation to all of you.


Representative director
Shigekazu Kato