New Product Pure Crystal (Photocatalyst Liquid Spray) is on the market.
[ 2005/2/9 renewed !]
Main applied place

Doormat, Bathroom mat, Car inside, Smorking area, Toilet sheet for pet,
garbage dump, Wall, Floor etc,
the place where odors can not be ignored
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Event Information [2005/7/12 ]
  2nd International Interior(car) Environment Purification Treatment Technology&Products Exhibition
Date 5th(Fri)-7th(Sun) August, 2005
Venue Shanghai East Asia Exposition Centre
Products pages are renewed ! [ 2005/7/11 ]


Photocatalitic technical brochure(Ver.2.2e) is also renewed.
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Renewal Open [ 2005/4/23 ]
Event Information [2005/4/23 ]
Photo-clean Fair 2005
Date May 20(Fri.)-22(Sun), 2005
Venue Port Messe Nagoya
(Nagoya International Extivision Hall), Nagoya city, Aichi, Japan
Event Information [2005/4/23 ]
Hikari-mirai Fair (EXPO 2005)

Date May 12(Tur)-22(Sun), 2005
Venue EXPO 2005 Association Projects Held in the Morizo & Kiccoro Exhibition Center